Mayamy Eyebrow Lamination

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Directions for mayamy eyebrow lamination

1. Cleanse the eyebrow area with brow goat eyebrow shampoo. 

2. Comb the eyebrows with a disposable eyebrow brush.

3. Apply a thin layer of Composition #1 BROW LIFT on hairs. The exposure time is 6-12 minutes depending on the quality and density of hairs(in case of coarse hairs, exposure time can be increased up to 15 minutes)

— 6-8 minutes for thin hairs;
— 8-10 minutes for normal, dyed hairs;
— 10-12 minutes for dense, thick, undyed hairs. Right after applying the composition, it is recommended to cover the eyebrows with film, without any pressing.

4. As the exposure time of Composition #1 BROW LIFT is over, completely remove it with a dry cotton swab in the direction of hair growth.

5. Apply Composition #2 BROW SCULPT. The exposure time is the same as for Composition #1 BROW LIFT.

6. As the exposure time of Composition #2 BROW SCULPT is over, remove it with a dry cotton swab.

7. Gently remove BROW PERM FIXER and compositions residues, using Saline Solution.

8. Carry out the tinting procedure, using a professional Eyelash and eyebrow dye BRONSUN. Thoroughly mix Milk-cream developer BRONSUN with Eyelash and eyebrow dye BRONSUN in a 1:1 ratio in a non-metallic tare. During a Brow Perm procedure, the exposure time of the dye should be decreased from the one stated in the instruction to 2-5 minutes, depending on the chosen shade and the desired effect.

9. As the exposure time of the dye is over, remove it with a dry cotton pad. Thoroughly wash off the dye residues with Saline Solution.

10. If needed, apply Protein reconstruction composition Protein Botex on the entire eyebrow area. The exposure time is 10-15 minutes. Prior to use, the composition should be heated in hot water for 2-2.5 minutes.

11. Apply Composition #3 BROW ESSENCE on the eyebrows with a microbrush, creating the desired shape.

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