Exfoliation wand


The exfoliation wand used in combination with a brow shampoo will help remove dead skin cells, allowing for an even and longer lasting henna stain. 

There is nothing more disappointing than spending one hour or more on henna brows and they turn out patchy. This can happen if you didn’t proper exfoliate your clients brows. It’s crucial to exfoliate your clients Brows before the Henna application and to take off any dead skin cells that might be present. 

TIP :  Give the exfoliation want to your clients so they can exfoliate their brows the night before their appointment and moisturize well so you have a perfect canvas to work on. Clients need to take care of their skin in order for the henna stain to be flawless.

Material: silicone, head can be removed and disinfected 

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