Eyebrow henna -BROWN-


For professional use only

Our henna focuses on dying the eyebrow hair between 4-6 weeks. To achieve a skin stain our henna colors need to be mixed with black to stain the skin 4-10 days depending on clients lifestyle and aftercare. 

ONLINE Henna class available.

( No hydrogen peroxide needed!)


1. Cleanse and exfoliate the brows

2. Map out the desired shape with the white paste

3. Mix 3 pea sizes of henna with warm water, the consistency should be creamy and not too thick/dry/watery

4. Apply a thin layer of henna to the front of the brow  and a thick layer on the rest of the brow.

5. Let the henna dry completely

6. Take the henna off with water or Aloe Vera gel

7. To lighten the skin stain the vanish stain remover can be used. (commonly used to lighten the front of the brow for a Ombre effect)

Before using, please perform a allergy test.

Ingredients: henna, sodium perborate, P-aminophenol, citric acid anhydride, magnesium carbonate, sodium sulfate, steatite, P-phenylendamin

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