Bronsun ® Creme Dye


Bronsun Creme dye contains caring ingredients such as hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolized silk and vitamin E thus making it the perfect dye to use during brow lamination. 

The new Bronsun Creme dye will not overly darken the eyebrow hairs/skin like the bronsun gel dye can.

Developer needs to be purchased separately! 

A 1:1 ratio of dye and developer needs to be mixed before applying to eyebrows or lashes.  

Dye does not work without developer.

Only a small amount is needed to dye both eyebrows (less than a pea size) so you can actually get up to 40 applications.

Ammonia free! 

Last up to 7 days on skin and 7 weeks on eyebrow hair.

    What’s included ?

    • 15 ml of dye 
    • Directions on how to use the dye 
    • 1 micro Q-Tip 
    • 1 plastic mixing bowl

    How to use :
    Cleanse the eyebrow area from makeup and other impurities with an oil-free product. If needed, additionally degrease the area with Primer or eyebrow shampoo.
    Apply white paste or pencil to the area around the eyebrows, avoiding zones you are going to tint.

    In a glass dish, thoroughly mix Milk- cream developer BRONSUN and Eyebrow and eyelash cream dye BRONSUN in a ratio of 1:1 until homogeneous consistency. We recommend using 0.5 cm of the dye and an equal amount of the developer.
    Using a brush, quickly and evenly apply a dense layer of the prepared mixture to the eyebrows, strictly according to the desired shape, leaving no gaps. Thoroughly tint the skin by raising the hairs.
    The exposure time for the dye on eyebrows is 10-20 minutes. The shade intensity and tinting degree on skin depends on the exposure time.

    As the exposure time is over, carefully remove the dye with a wet cotton pad. Thoroughly rinse off the dye residues with water and apply conditioner + fixing lotion.  The tinting result depends on the skin type, color type, individual characteristics of the organism.
    In case you accidentally tinted the skin, apply a small amount of stain remover onto a microbrush or cotton swab and carefully wipe this area. Repeat if needed. Rinse off the product residues with water.


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