Eyebrow conditioner


The conditioner closes the hair cuticle, stabilizes the color and moisturizes the hair. 

After the dye/henna has been removed from the skin rub the conditioner into the skin and hairs. Remove any residue with a cotton round. 

Has a weak acid environment, stabilizes the dye shade on the skin and stops the colorant action, prevents the eyebrow hairs to not become darker and closes the hair cuticle. 

The composition is enriched with caring components

  • GRAPESEED OIL improves the condition of hairs and skin, helps to retain moisture inside the hair.
  • WHEAT PROTEINS create a film that protects and smoothes the surface of hairs.

The conditioner is recommended to use when tinting with dye or henna. Suitable for all types of dye or henna.

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