Bronsun Gel dye (Mini tint kit 7ml)

$13.99 $16.99

This is an at home tinting kit 🙌

Only a small amount is needed to dye both eyebrows (less than a pea size) so you can actually get up to 20 applications per kit. This kit is ammonia free! 

Last up to 7 days on skin and 7 weeks on eyebrow hair.

 What’s included? 

  • 7ml hybrid dye
  • 5ml developer 
  • micro Q-tip 
  • Plastic mixing bowl 
  • Instruction sheet

How to use:

  1. Outline the brows with the white paste
  2. Mix the dye and Developer in a 1:1 ratio using a glass or plastic dish
  3. Apply hybrid tint super thin and even to the eyebrows to achieve a saturated skin stain (applying the hybrid thick will not stain the skin)
  4. Leave to develop for up to 10 minutes. If you leave it on less, the color will be lighter. Adjust time as needed.
  5. You can also apply a second layer on top of the first dried hybrid tint layer for a even better skin stain.
  6. Let it dry completely. (If the hybrid tint doesn't dry down then you have applied it too thick and it will not stain the skin as good.)
  7. Remove the dye with damp cotton pads
  8. Use Vanish Stain Remover on a cotton tip and fade the front of the brows for that ombré effect, if the stain turns out too dark you can lighten the stain overall as well


All the colors can be mixed to get the perfect match!

Light brown is perfect for blondes or clients with light brown hair.  If the color turns out too warm you can use Graphite inside the mix for a more ashy light brown color.

Chestnut is a perfect neutral brown shade and can be used on light brown and brown hair. It does not have any warm look to it. (It’s a color between light brown and brown) 

Red chestnut is a very warm orange-red looking color and can be used in combination with light brown for your ginger haired clients. 

Brown is perfect for brunettes and dark brown hair.

Dark Brown is perfect for dark brown hair and tan/olive skin.

Cannot be used on fair skin since the green undertone will show. Instead you can mix brown and a little bit of black to get a dark brown color that doesn't look greenish on fair skin. Another option is to  add 10% of red chestnut to your dark brown to neutralize the green undertone. 

Black can be used to darken any other color and can be used by itself on clients with melanin rich skin.

Blue black can be used to tint eyelashes. Hybrid tint can be used on eyelashes as well.

Graphite can be used by itself for a very ashy brown color on salt and pepper hair clients or grey blonde clients.  It can also be mixed with light brown to get a ashy light brown color for blondes.

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